Kalimantanasri Professional Gardener

Kalimantanasri is an experienced and professional park management service provider in the field of experienced garden making.We are also in the field of garden design and garden making and perhaps this is important you know about the glimpse of the website and the description of the work and scope of the park.

We provide services in the manufacture of gardens and sell / suppliers for ornamental plants, flowers, grass or tree protector. Our slogan "We Are Not The First But We Are One Of The Professionals". 

So you do not hesitate to use our services there is no element of deception because we are coming to your home.
Client satisfaction is our commitment and there are interesting facilities from us ranging from free surveys to 1 week warranty when there are plants that die (according to the agreement).

So if you are interested immediately contact,
we will come to your house.

Office Website   : www.flamboyanasri.com
Blog                 : www.kalimantanasri.blogspot.com
Email                : blognyubi@gmail.com